mmm fertilizationHere at MMM, we offer many different fertilization programs to suit our customers needs.

Our most common programs are listed below but if you are looking for something different from one of the programs listed we will be more than happy to custom tailor a program to fit your needs!

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Choose from one of our multi-step application programs:

7 Step Turf Fertilization Program

6 Step Turf Fertilization Program

4 Step Turf Fertilization Program

2 Step Turf Fertilization Program

Application 1 – Well-balanced fertilizer with pre-emergent for crabgrass

Application 2 – Slow-release fertilizer with a blanket spray for broadleaf weeds.

Application 3 – Slow-release fertilizer to keep the lawn green and treatment of any remaining broadleaf weeds, this is also the application when grub prevention is applied.

Application 4 – We visit your site and spot treat any weeds, post emergent control of crabgrass and nutsedge, and also apply fertilizer as needed.

Application 5 – This application helps to bring the lawn back from any summer stress, it consists of well-balanced fertilizer, spot control of weeds and crabgrass

Application 6 – Slow-release fertilizer focused on root development and a blanket spray for broadleaf weeds.

Application 7 – This application consists of a fertilizer to keep your lawn green through the fall and help for an early spring green up

2 Step Broadleaf Weed Control Program

  • Application 1 – Blanket spray for broadleaf weeds
  • Application 2 – Blanket spray for broadleaf weeds

We can also custom tailor a program with any number of applications to suit your exact needs.